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Ways On How To Achieve A Street Style Aesthetic

Ways On How To Achieve A Street Style Aesthetic

If you’re looking for some streetwear outfit inspiration then you came to the right place. These outfits will help you achieve that street style aesthetic.

street style aesthetic

Welcome to the place where you’ll learn all about the street style aesthetic and how you can recreate some streetwear outfits yourself. These outfit styles consist of tomboy styles, vintage clothing, punk fashion, grunge fashion, and more!

Whether you’re going for a preppy look or a casual type of look, these street styles range from all types of outfits in the streetwear fashion scene. You’ll come across a variety of winter and summer outfits as you scroll!

After taking a look at these outfit ideas, let’s see if your eyes will catch one as a favorite so you can recreate a street style yourself! Remember these outfits are for inspiration purposes to help you spark ideas.

This post is all about ways on how to achieve a street style aesthetic.

Street Style Aesthetic

For The Ladies

1. Matching Track Sets

street style aesthetic outfits

image via Instagram/@meriem.xv.vii

Some popular staples to own when trying to achieve a streetwear style are tracksuits, sweatsuits, and track sets. Whichever you call them, these sweats are perfect for a cozy and casual type of look.

In the above image, @meriem.xv.vii wears a set of orange cargo pants and matches it with her orange crop top. She styles this orange outfit with a jean jacket and a pair of Jordan 6 Retro Travis Scott British Khaki.

mens street style aesthetic

image via Instagram/@rheaamisra

For the colder months of the year, going full on sweatsuit with sweatpants and a sweater is the way to go and also matches that of the street style aesthetic. These types of looks are mainly meant to be worn in an oversized fit.

In the image above, Rhea (@rheaamisra) wears an oversized pair of green sweatpants and matches it with a zip-up hoodie in the same color. She completes the look with a graphic tee and a pair of Jordan 1s.

2. Patch Denim Jeans

90s street style aesthetic

image via Instagram/@jyrageronimo

This next streetwear look became a recent trend that sparked in 2020 and has continued through 2021. This trend is known for the patch like design on denim pants like in the above image.

Jyra (@jyrageronimo) wears patch denim jeans in nude colors of beige, khaki, and brown. She styles these pants with a beige colored graphic tee and finishes the look with a pair of Jordan 4’s.

3. Varsity Jackets

korean street style aesthetic

image via Instagram/@robaczywa

While this next piece is a classic, another popular staple that grew in popularity in the past year are varsity jackets. These bulky and oversized jackets are honestly worn in any season throughout the year.

The image above has Ola (@robaczywa) wearing a purple colored varsity jacket with the design of bones on the sleeves. She matches her jacket with pruple Nikes and finishes the look with oversized cargos.

street style aesthetic wallpaper

image via Instagram/@hannah_th

Here’s another varsity jacket style that can spark some inspiration if the first one wasn’t really your style. This outfit combines sweats and the varsity jacket into one overall streetwear outfit.

In this image, we have Hannah (@hannah_th) wearing a green colored varsity jacket with a pair of dark grey sweat pants. She completes the look with some accessories and a white crop top.

4. Oversized Fashion

street style aesthetic clothing

image via Instagram/@__ladyann

The streetwear aesthetic is also known for its oversized fashion styles and trends. Whether oversized pants or tops, having oversized clothes in your wardrobe is perfect if you’re aiming to have that street style aesthetic.

In this outfit example, Ann (@__ladyann) wears a black oversized graphic tee shirt and styles it with a pair of slightly baggy blue jeans. She completes the look with purple Nikes that match the graphic on her T-shirt.

vintage street style aesthetic

image via Instagram/@suhakhan.jpg

Moving onto the next outfit, here’s another oversized type of style that you can achieve with just a pair of sweats and a T-shirt. What makes this look so great are the diverse pieces that @suhakhan.jpg is wearing.

For example, @suhakhan.jpg wears multiple sets of jewelry ranging from bracelets and rings to necklaces and earrings. Her oversized fit consists of black sweats and an oversized green graphic tee. 

5. Blazers

street style aesthetic pinterest

image via Instagram/@__ladyann

The last type of style we have for the ladies is an outfit that utilizes a blazer or suit jacket. Mixing classy with a grunge type of look is another trendy aesthetic in the streetwear fashion community.

We have another outfit from Ann (@__ladyann) where she wears a white shirt and baggy ripped jeans. She completes this look with some neon that’s noticeable with the blazer. To keep it abstract, she also has a purple hand bag.

For The Guys

6. Varsity Jackets

streetwear style aesthetic

image via Instagram/@codyespapi

Here are some more outfits that utilize the popular and trendy varsity jacket. This next outfit idea is perfect for the colder months of the year including the seasons Fall and Winter.

The image above has Cody (@codyespapi) styling a beige and red varsity jacket with matching khaki/beige dress pants. He wears a matching red hat and a white undershirt. By completing the look, he wears a pair of Yeezy Slides.

street style aesthetic black girl

image via Instagram/@ignacio_serrano

Continuing with more varsity jacket outfits, this next look is of a more abstract and colorful varsity jacket. This pink colored outfit screams everything about what it is to have a street style aesthetic.

In the above image, Ignacio (@ignacio_serrano) wears a white and pink colored varsity jacket with graphics on the sleeve and chest. He styles this jacket with a pink hoodie and hot pink undershirt while completing the look with jeans and Nike Dunks.

street style aesthetic shops

image via Instagram/@2gpm

Here’s another quick varsity jacket outfit look you can recreate. This outfit example is quite simple yet super stylish in its own ways. When comparing the other varsity jacket outfits, this outfit here is a perfect match of color and simplicity.

In this outfit example, @2gpm wears a forest green varsity jacket with a logo on the chest. His undershirt is grey and he matches the jacket with a pair of forest green Nike Dunks. To keep it neutral, he wears beige pants.

7. Lightning Denim

street style aesthetic guys

image via Instagram/@n.e.x_fashion

This post wouldn’t be a street style aesthetic post without the classic lightning graphic denim pants. These pants are popular because of the lightning design that engulfs the entirety of the pants’ legs.

In the above image, @n.e.x_fashion wears a white tshirt with black graphics and styles the shirt with a red Montcler vest. He completes the look with the famous lightning pants in red and black denim.

punk fashion

image via Instagram/@samakeoficial

Here’s another look with the lightning style denim pants, except this one is in purple. What’s also great with these pants are the oversized/loose fit they achieve which is perfect for a street style aesthetic.

This next outfit example is by Santiago (@samakeoficial) where he styles an acid washed, graphic tee with purple lightning denim pants. He finishes up the look with a purple shoulder bag and a purple beanie facemask.

8. Flannel Shirts

street style aesthetic stores

image via Instagram/@999jik_

Another piece of clothing that NEEDS to be on this outfit idea list is the flannel shirt or flannel jacket. No matter the color, this classic flannel shirt can be styled in numerous ways.

For example, @999jik_ wears his flannel outfit in the above image where he styles the flannel shirt with loose fit denim pants. These nude tone colors also match that of his tote bag and hat.

9. Patch Denim Jeans

grunge fashion

image via Instagram/@mat.lfb8

Speaking of patch denim pants like that in the previous example of the ladies’ section, here’s an outfit with a different style of patch denim. This type of patch denim consists of acid wash jeans and blue jeans.

In the above image, Matt (@mat.lfb8) wears his patch denim pants and styles it with the color green. He wears a green crewneck with a splattered bleach design, a green CarHartt bag with shoulder strap, and a pair of green Air Jordan 1s.

10. Crewnecks


image via Instagram/@dreclrz

While some outfits in this post consisted of this next streetwear piece, this must be mentioned in its own section. This is the classic crewneck sweater. Whether slim fit or oversized fit, the crewneck is a must have staple.

In this next outfit example, Dre (@dreclrz) wears a red Honda crewneck sweater. He styles this sweater with a pair of beige pants and matches the pants with a beige tote bag.

11. Grunge


image via Instagram/@daviddorino

One aesthetic that can be found a part of the street style aesthetic is the grunge aesthetic. Grunge clothes can consist of basic hoodies, crewneck sweaters, jeans, khaki pants, etc.

In the outfit example above, David (@daviddorino) wears a Nike crewneck and styles it with a pair of loose fit pants in a brownish color. He wears a green sweater around his neck like a scarf and finishes the look with Air Jordan 1s.

Now that you’ve read about different outfit examples and ideas to spark inspiration, which style will you recreate? This post is all about ways on how to achieve a street style aesthetic.

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